Olive Bread

A White dough mixed with Black Olives. Perfect with Savouries

Ingredients: White Flour, Salt, Water, Yeast and Black Olives


Chilli Bread

Do You Dare ? An olive dough with a mixture of fresh hot chillies left whole.

Ingredients:White Flour, Semolina, Salt, Water Olive Oil, Yeast and Fresh Chillies.


Tomato, Garlic and Basil

Oven dried Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic and Fresh Basil Leaves in an Olive Dough. Beautiful Warm

Ingredients: White Flour, Semolina, Salt, Water, Yeast, Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil, and Herbes de Provence


Cheese, Onion and Tomato

A mixture of Cheddar and Red Leicester Cheeses, topped with Onion and Cherry Tomatoes in a White Dough.

Ingredients: White Flour, Salt, Water,Yeast, Cheese, Toamtoes and Onion


'French' Grand Pain

French style 'Grand Pain', Good crust and airy Crumb. Plain or topped with Poppy or SesameSeeds

Ingredients: White Flour, Salt, Water and Yeast


Apricot and Oat / Cranberry and Oat

A Wholemeal bloomer dotted with dried apricots or Cranberries then coated with Oatflakes

Ingredients: Flour (White & Wholemeal), Salt, Water, Yeast, Dried Apricots / Cranberries and Oatflakes


Date and Walnut Ring

Rye Dough with Chopped dates and Walnuts formed into a Couronne

Ingredients: Flour (White & Rye), Salt, Water, Yeast, Dried Dates and Chopped Walnuts